Monday, May 26, 2008

Does The Chronicle Think Code Pink Cares?

With recent articles, one may think that Cindy Sheehan is the new editor for the Houston Chronicle. If you click today's home page, you will find an article about what to do today. Underneath that, is a camera icon with pictures of Memorial Day observances. When you get to picture 12, you find a code pink member with a picture of an Iraqi civilian. Either the chronicle is brain dead, or like minded. I guarantee you, code pink is no lover of the U.S. military. There "observance" in Hermann Park will more than likely blame the military for the deaths of the civilians it holds pictures of. For some of code pink's activities, click here.
Kind of scary if you ask me. They seem to hate America and its military, yet bask in the protections granted by the Constitution. What other country would tolerate an organization such as this?

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