Friday, May 23, 2008

Chronicle is 2 for 2

Well, it appears even in death, the Houston Chronicle can't resist taking a jab at police officers. In this story, a Harris County Deputy and his wife were found dead after a house fire. First off, the investigators did not name the dead deputy nor his wife. More than likely, to notify the family first. After all, isn't it common courtesy to notify the family before the public? Yet, the Chronicle can't wait to get the story out so they look at records and report the listed names of the owners of that address. Reporter Cindy Horswell better hope she correctly named the deceased. Otherwise she may get some angry emails from angry relatives. So far, it appears this is a tragic accident. However, the Chronicle couldn't resist taking a jab at the dead deputy;
"The deputy was well known in the area and often volunteered to assist Liberty County deputies responding to calls in the subdivision.

Five years ago, the deputy was also involved in an accident there in which he ran over and killed a child on a bicycle who swerved in front of his vehicle, Bishop said."

It's like the reporter put this as the last impression she wanted her readers to have, a cop who accidentally ran over and killed a child. I'm sure that man had a difficult time living with that. I'd like to ask Cindy, "what did that accident 5 years ago have to do with him burning to death with his wife? Do you think it's divine retribution?"

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