Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How In the Hell Did This Happen?

I found this story on Isiah Carey's Insite. The City of Liberty, TX, my hometown, where I was born has threatened to shut off the hospital's power unless it pays $259,000 in water and electric bills owed. Apparently, the hospital hasn't paid a bill since October of last year. I was born in that hospital back in 1975 when it was called the Yettie Kersting Memorial Hospital. Problem that community faces is this is the only hospital in the Liberty-Dayton-Hardin-Daisetta (sinkhole country) area. If that hospital shuts down, then anyone in need of an emergency room will have to go to Cleveland which is roughly 30 miles away. Or, they will have to go Beaumont or Houston which is roughly 45 to 50 miles either way. Another question that has to be asked is how did the hospital lapse on its bills to begin with? Isn't there an administrator who is supposed to be handling that business? Did he/she fall asleep on the job? I just hope something happens for this little hospital, the people out there need it. Plus, there is a little sentimental feeling since I was born in that hospital.


Shane, Amanda and Adam said...

I, too, was born in that hospital. However, ever since they changed it from a private hospital to a county one, it has rolled downhill. My mother hit her head and was bleeding profusely when she went in to the emergency room....no one saw her for over 4 hours. When my Dad got home, he drove her to Humble to get medical treatment. The whole time she was in there, all of the personnel was behind the glass laughing, eating and talking. There were four others in the waiting room with my Mom, none of whom got treatment while she was there. One of them was a child that had been bitten by a dog. Needless to say, not many in Liberty trust that hospital anymore. It is a sad situation for that community since - like you pointed out - it is the only one for miles.

Jason said...

Wow, I never knew that. If they cannot be bothered to tend to their patients why expect them to pay their bills?