Thursday, February 12, 2009

Victim Without a Clue

I hate to say this about a kidnapping victim, but she really is clueless. I'm glad she got out of the trunk and was okay. However she must spend way too much time in that mansion watching television and not out in the real world. A woman in the affluent area of River Oaks in Houston was clubbed and dumped in a trunk. The woman escaped. Turns out, three convicts have been charged with the kidnapping. These guys were in prison where, according to the article they planned a kidnapping/ransom scheme. The victim is quoted as saying;

"I think about it every day," the woman said. "I just want women to know that it was random, it was for ransom and, in this economy, it could happen to anybody."

Uh, ma'am. These guys are criminals! They didn't plan this because they fell on hard times and needed money to feed their families and clothe their children. They did it because they are predators and they targeted you because you live in River Oaks!!!! I don't think you're going to see a spike in kidnappings like in Mexico.

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