Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chronicle Definition of Modest

At first when I saw this headline I thought it was going to be another Houston Chronicle story about the plight of the illegal alien while American citizens have it rough as well. However this story talks about a pastor from Ghana and his wife who are having a hard time sending money home. The opening paragraph reads;

"Elizabeth Anane-Sekyere works 13-hour shifts, six days a week. Her husband pastors a small church for modest pay. Together, they’re paying for a mortgage, three college tuitions and a growing 16-year-old."

Okay, those are long hours and that's admirable. However I'm not sure what the Chronicle means by small church. See, she and her husband work for the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. According to their website they have churches and schools all over the world. Now, I looked up the Houston address on the Harris County Appraisal District website. It is classified as a religious institution so it is tax exempt. A look from above shows it to be a fair sized establishment. Now, to be fair I have no idea what the church pays, but these facts make the harp strings a little hard to tug.

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