Thursday, February 5, 2009

Two Updates

Updates on two previous posts;

The Fort Bend Deputies can keep their bonuses. Now all the naysayers can shut the hell up and life go on.

The Houston Police Officers are suing Marvin Driver and Quanell X. Awesome! Quanell must have seen this coming because he has police-hating, ACLU attorney Randall Kallinen representing him. I'm sure I mentioned in the past the ACLU have argued that false complaints against police officers should be 'protected speech.'

"Randall Kallinen, attorney for Quanell X on the defamation case, said the lawsuit is simply retaliation. ''This is another attempt by the police who use whatever means necessary to silence a police critic,'' Kallinen said."

I honestly think Randall Kallinen is mentally ill. How can he argue with a straight face that police should have none of the protections afforded civilians? In Randall's twisted mind police should be falsely accused, and abused because they deserve it. I bet Randall has a very high opinion of himself and looks down on public servants. I would love to remind Randall that police officers are human beings with feelings and don't deserve to have their lives ruined by false allegations. However he would disagree citing his contempt for police officers.

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