Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wayne Dolcefino Throws a Fit ***Updated***

Based on information I received I decided to update this post. What happened was that Wayne Dolcefino went to traffic court, an experience we've all had. Yes it's long, yes it's not fun, but it's part of life. Dolcefino sat in the crowd until his case was called and formally notified that his case was dismissed. Dolcefino then asks to speak to the court clerk who comes out to talk to him. Dolcefino then throws a tantrum about why he wasn't notified and his time wasted bla bla bla. What Dolcefino either doesn't realize or is ignoring is that when a case is set for trial the defendant has to appear, regardless of the status of the officer. When the defendant appears, and the officer doesn't, the case is dismissed and the defendant is free to go. In this case, the citing officer was killed in a traffic accident last year. So, obviously everyone he cited will have their cases dismissed, but they have to appear in court. As Dolcefino left he said he was going to do a story. Now, I would like to ask Mr. Dolcefino if this was his plan all along. See, when the officer was killed, it made headlines, his name and picture were all over the news for days. Surely a 'crack' reporter like Dolcefino would have realized this was the same officer who cited him and knew his case would be dismissed. I think Dolcefino planned his little rant looking for a story. It wouldn't be the first time he's set himself up looking for something, like the time he was caught trespassing and asked to leave. He then tried bullying the officers with his position, but he left.


A Harris County Lawyer said...

Traffic court isn't much fun for anyone. The lines are long and frustrating. The sheer amount of cases would have made it impossible to track down people who had received a ticket from the deceased officer and let them know that they didn't need to appear.

One would think that Mr. Dolcefino would have handled the situation with a little more grace, especially in light of the fact that the officer had been killed.

I can guarantee that if a public official had thrown the same type of rant that you've described here, that they would lose their jobs and be absolutely skewered in the media.

anonymous c said...

I'm not shocked to hear about Dolcefino's little tantrum. Hehe!

I knew him long ago and “Wayno” was a prima donna even then. A good-natured prima donna, but a prima donna, nonetheless.

AHCL’s point is true. In light of the officer having been killed, he should have absolutely shown more grace.

About traffic court, I’ve honestly had pretty decent experiences there. You just have to go in with the expectation that it’s going to be irritating and that you’re going to be okay.

Find your chi, zen out and just breathe. Hehe!

Because I now know practically everyone on a first name basis there anyway, it’s kinda like comin’ home. ;-)

Jason said...

Anonymous, more people should have your enlightenment.

anonymous c said...

Back atchya, Jason.