Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crook Ran, Money Flew, Wrecker Drivers Arrested

Fox news coverage:
Channel 11 coverage:

For about 15 minutes the tollway area in southwest Houston was rocked by a traffic pursuit. Police were chasing a man up and down the tollway. While fleeing police he hit a woman with a kid in the car and continued on. When the chase ended, a woman ran to the car as he got out to hand something to her. I'll wait for other news outlets to carry with that story about the poor woman trying to get her rent money neglecting the fact that this crook literally was trying to run other cars off the road (aside from the one car he did hit). Also, this woman was on the phone with him and knew he was being chased. Now, anyone with any sense whatsoever knows not to run to a car the police had been chasing. The officers had no idea initially what was being handed off. The police thinking would suggest illegal contraband (drugs, etc.). So, the woman inserted herself into this incident and got herself tackled and arrested (and released soon after determining why she acted foolishly). The money was confiscated so what good did it do these people? Another aspect of the story is that two wrecker drivers were also arrested. They were observed driving like the crook. They were seen driving up, and over 100 miles an hour and driving over medians. One of them even almost hit a police officer! When they arrived, they found themselves being arrested for reckless driving. Talk about dumb!

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