Thursday, March 13, 2008

San Antonio Pix

The front of my hotel.

Riverwalk on a cloudy day.

An intersection.

An old church.

The Alamo!

Even on cloudy days people will come see this shrine.

A vacant high-rise littered with graffiti.

I had to walk past the greyhound station. About 12 years ago some
friends and I had to return by bus. All I remember about this station
is the derelicts that hang around out front. The guy in the blue denim
jacket and cap was staring at me pretty hard as I walked by.

Something in the water.

Inside the river city mall. Perhaps about 20 years ago I was in
San Antonio with my mom and grandmother. On this little stage
some cover band played. My mom still has the pictures.

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JLee said...

Great pics, Jason. I haven't been there is ages and always love the Riverwalk.