Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lawsuit Going Forward?

It looks like Houston Police Officers Union is moving forward with the lawsuit against Marvin Driver and Quanell X. When one reads the letters sent to Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos there is an interesting line about it being the policy of Chuch Rosenthal not to prosecute anyone for making a false complaint against a police officer. While the police hating community (i.e. thugs, so-called intellectuals, so-called civil rights activists) thinks it should be okay to make false complaints "to protect free speech" people miss a crucial point. No police officer wants to be the subject of a complaint or an internal affairs investigation. Much less a false one. Their lives can be ruined, they can lose everything. However many people don't care so let me put this in a context you can understand. Let's say your own child got mad at you and decided to get even. So, your child contacts the police and CPS and says you sexually molested and assaulted them for years. Now, you'd be visited by CPS investigators, probably losing your kids. You'd be interviewed extensively by police. The news media gets a hold of the story and looking for an evening audience they post your face on TV with the headline "Parent Accused of Raping Child." What do you think your family would do? What would your friends do? How much longer do you think you'd have your job? All knowing that your child lying yet nobody believes you. Keep that in mind when someone wants to argue that public servants should be open to false complaints. They have lives like you do and can lose it all because of some malicious, self-serving con-man in a fancy suit who is loved by the media.

Read the letter from the HPOU to DA Lykos.

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