Saturday, January 10, 2009

HPOU Wants An Investigation Into Driver

Remember the Driver incident? Marvin Driver was arrested on traffic warrants and unresponsive when he was brought to the Houston Police jail. He was in the hospital for a few days. Mr. Driver claimed he was beaten, and forced to ingest cocaine. While the investigation was ongoing nobody knew the officers' side of the story. Of course Quanell X was all over the cameras grandstanding as usual. The investigation the cleared the officers and of course the usual suspects scream the usual catch phrases (i.e. cover up bla bla bla). Well, interesting tidbit, cocaine was found in Mr. Driver's system. Now, why would police force him to swallow cocaine when they could go from a minor warrant arrest to a felony charge? The HPOU wants an investigation into whether or not Mr. Driver should be indicted for perjury. This will be interesting to watch. It will be an uphill battle since Mr. Driver's story is etched in stone and to change now wouldn't be prudent. I wouldn't be surprised if the ACLU get involved since they have argued that false complaints against police should be allowed. Meaning, in some cases, the ACLU does support perjury which I would imagine is somewhere against a lawyer's oath/ethics (I know, lawyer, ethics, give me a break). Either way it won't hurt Quanell. After all, since Al Sharpton is given a pass by the media on the Brawley fabrication, then I'm sure the chronicle will give Quanell a pass here.

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