Thursday, April 10, 2008

Take a Walk

It's not often I get a chance just to wander with my camera. Even when I'm off I'm either doing some chore that I procrastinated on or catching up. Lately it's been doctor visits. However last month I got a chance to drive and walk through downtown Richmond, TX, with my camera handy. I think one of my favorite things to do is just to walk down an old street amongst old buildings. I try to imagine walking back through time. That's why I love visiting New Orleans so much. I imagine it will be the same thing if I ever get to visit Tombstone, Arizona. Here are some pictures I snapped along the way.
It looked old so I photographed it

I like scenes like this. Small town streets.

I think this is a Masonic Lodge.

Another street shot.

This is actually a bar.

I stumbled onto this cemetery next to the Fort Bend Sheriff's Dept.

It's mostly Hispanic-Catholic which would account for spiritual memorials like this.


This guy died young. One can't help wonder from what. Notice the beer can left in memoriam?

An old house next to another cemetery. I wish I would have tried to read that marker.


JLee said...

I grew up in small towns and miss that quaint feel living in the city. Although my sister and I went to lunch in old downtown Wylie (suburb of Dallas)the other day. It looked as if time stood still.

Stealth said...

aw cool!!!

I got some pretty neat shots when I went to Tombstone- I hope you get to visit it one day- you'd love it :D