Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chronicle Tugs Heart Strings Again
In this story the Houston Chronicle tugs its heartstrings for the illegal immigrants caught in the recent Shipley Donuts raids in Houston that occurred nearly two weeks ago. I really don't feel like rehashing all the arguments I've made against illegal immigration (especially the number one cause of illegal immigration which nobody will talk about, the corrupt south-of-the-border governments who refuse to allow their citizens to prosper). What struck me as annoying in this article was the sympathy the chronicle tries to draw from this article. Now, I'm not one for seeing families broken up. Nobody in their right mind is. However, the chronicle would have you believe that the big-bad police are now breaking up families. What the chronicle and its peanut gallery fail to realize is that the immigration agents are doing their jobs. We all know what their job is, and so do all the illegal immigrants.
"Lopez, who started working at Shipley last year, said his $7.50-an-hour job was a step up for the kitchen position he held for three years. He was required to work six days a week, beginning at 9 a.m. until 10 at night, and was paid $350 weekly. He and other workers held a variety of rotating jobs such as mixing flour, loading supplies and helping deliver products to Shipley's local franchises.
Two years ago, Lopez said he and his wife made a fearful night crossing of the Rio Grande in South Texas by clinging to inner tubes."

The Lopez family knew damn well what they were risking when they crossed here illegally. They hoped they would blend into society and not get caught. They knew if they were caught what the consequences could be. I compare it to the drag racer who paralyzes himself while racing on the highway. It sucks that he sits forever in a wheelchair, but he made the choice, knowing the risks so it's a little hard to cry over him. The real victims here are the children of the illegal immigrants. They have no choice in the matter. However this goes back to the real issue. Why are the United States the bad guy in the immigrant issue when it's the corrupt, lazy, incompetent Mexican (and Central American) governments that encourage their poorer, uneducated citizens to come here? Nobody seems to care about that. If the chronicle truly cared about the welfare of illegal immigrants, then maybe it should look into how Mexico runs its internal business, mistreats its own illegal immigrants coming from Central America, and encourages bribery and corruption amongst its own police forces.

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