Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cantinas Important in Houston?

I came across this article on Channel 13 Houston's website. It tells of a cantina in the Heights neighborhood that the residents are complaining about. La Bola Loca is another of many cantinas that litter Houston. Residents have been complaining to the Houston Police Dept. and Mayor Bill White's office yet the bar remains open. Residents probably weren't that surprised when two people were shot outside that bar recently.

"So we went in there about 3am one morning. There were prostitutes and they propositioned us. So it was real straight forward. There was no secrecy behind it. It was pretty clear what was going on. We bought beer at 3:30am in the morning like the TABC requested that we do," said Josh Judd."

Don't depend on TABC.

"There is no prostitution, there is no drugs, nothing," said Martin Arguta (owner)."

He is lying!

"If this place had prostitution, it would be closed already, because we have visits from TABC, the police very often. They checked, everything is OK," said Aguta."

Again he is lying and I will tell you why. For years there was a cantina that we tried to get closed. We busted people coming out drunk at 7 in the morning! Half of them had cocaine. Many of them had no identification and were not old enough to enter a bar legally! Despite the number of arrests made, the number of complaints made with TABC little was ever done. Eventually the cantina closed, but is no open under a new name. So pardon me if I don't have a lot of faith in TABC to shut down a cantina.

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